Environmentally Friendly

At Marion Holiday Park we have implemented a range of sustainable environmental initiatives
at our park to preserve our natural environment for generations to come.
We do this across the following areas:

Raw Materials & Recycling

  • We promote the recycling of towels
  • We recycle bottles, cans, cardboard & paper
  • We use recycled paper within our Administration area
  • We constantly review the chemicals we use to minimise their environmental impact
  • We donate cabin furniture to charities so that they can be reused

Water, Energy & Fuel

  • We use environmentally friendly showerheads
  • We use bio-degradable chemicals in our laundry
  • We use Ha-ra microfibre cleaning cloths
  • We use energy-efficient light bulbs through our park
  • We use highly efficient heat pumps to heat our hot water
  • We collect rainwater and use it to water our plants
  • We constantly use mulch and bark to reduce the need to water our gardens

How you can help

We ask our guests to support these initiatives by:

  • Separating your recycling and rubbish and use the bins in the park accordingly
  • Switch off your lights, air-conditioners and appliances when you leave your accommodation

Enjoy quality time with your loved ones

At our park!

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