Environmentally Friendly

At Marion Holiday Park we have implemented a range of sustainable environmental initiatives
at our park to preserve our natural environment for generations to come.
We do this across the following areas:

Raw Materials & Recycling

  • We promote the recycling of towels
  • We recycle bottles, cans, cardboard & paper
  • We use recycled paper within our Administration area
  • We constantly review the chemicals we use to minimise their environmental impact
  • We donate cabin furniture to charities so that they can be reused

Water, Efficiency & Fuel

  • We use environmentally friendly showerheads
  • We use bio-degradable chemicals in our laundry
  • We use Ha-ra microfibre cleaning cloths
  • We use energy-efficient light bulbs through our park
  • We use highly efficient heat pumps to heat our hot water
  • We collect rainwater and use it to water our plants
  • We constantly use mulch and bark to reduce the need to water our gardens

Solar Panels

Over the past few years, we have installed a huge 100kw solar system in our park with solar panels on the rooves of our Poolside Apartments and large games room. These panels capture energy from the sun and funnel it back into our park, which means we do not have to draw as much from ‘the grid’, lessening our environmental impact.

How you can help

We ask our guests to support these initiatives by:

  • Separating your recycling and rubbish and use the bins in the park accordingly
  • Switch off your lights, air-conditioners and appliances when you leave your accommodation

EV Charging Stations

Staying with us and have an electric vehicle? No problems, we now have 3 new EV charging stations available for guests staying at Marion Holiday Park to charge their electric vehicles. The EV charging bays are conveniently located alongside our poolside apartments.

Enjoy quality time with your loved ones

At our park!

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